2020 Inclusion Annual Campaign

Everyone Belongs @ the Y!

The YMCA Inclusion Program assists children with special needs or disabilities in becoming independent, engaged, and successful in their childcare setting. Inclusion services are provided to children between the ages of 3 and 17 attending preschools, summer camps, childcare, after school or recreational programs throughout Orange County. We focus on teaching and developing play, social, and self-care skills, managing behavioral challenges, and building confidence and independence through the use of positive reinforcement, behavioral interventions and other support strategies. Each child in our program is provided with an individualized Inclusion Plan, detailing their specific inclusion goals to monitor and facilitate their progress. Our Inclusion Facilitators collect data on these goals while facilitating the child’s engagement and inclusion in his or her childcare program.

100% of your gift goes directly to our scholarship fund, to provide financial assistance to families of the children in our program to make our vital services as affordable as possible. Scholarship funds are used for enrollment fees and 1:1 services. You can rest assured that your gift goes directly to a child with special needs in your local community. In 2019, we gave nearly $45,000 in Inclusion scholarships to children in need. Your support and generosity will ensure that we can continue to help our kids learn, grow and thrive!

“When J first joined the YMCA Inclusion program, he was struggling with social skills and behavioral challenges, including elopement, tantrums, and physical aggression, and was unable to attend his afterschool program without one-on-one assistance and supervision. With the dedication of his Inclusion Facilitator, guidance from the YMCA Inclusion Team, and his own hard work, J began to build self-confidence, improve his problem solving skills, cope successfully with difficult emotions, and enjoy his time in his afterschool program. His continued growth allowed his bright personality to shine through, and helped his peers to get to know him as the humorous, caring person that he is. Due to his tremendous growth and success, J graduated from the YMCA Inclusion Program last fall and is now attending his afterschool program completely independently!"

- Inclusion Staff