2019 Inclusion Annual Campaign

Sam Baez

Hello all! My name is Sam Baez and I currently have the best job in the world who needs help from all of you! I work with very special kids in a program called the Y Inclusion Program (through the YMCA) that helps kids with special needs or disabilities learn to be independent, engaged and successful! Our main goal is to mend the gap between those with non disabilities and those with some form of disability and educate people that these super awesome kiddos are just like everyone else! My kiddo who I've been working with for a few weeks now has definitely changed my life in such a short amount of time, and without the YMCA Inclusion Program, both of us wouldn't have had the opportunity to grow and learn new things. The YMCA's annual scholarship campaign has just kicked off and this is how all of you can make a difference in these kids lives! Unfortunately, not all children with special needs or disabilities qualify for funding to be able to 1) attend these expensive after school programs and 2) have an inclusion facilitator (people like me) to help them overcome daily challenges they have and help them become more involved and independent! By donating any amount, big or small, you will be helping so many other kids like my friend who I work with to have the opportunity to grow, learn, and be more included in today's society! These donations are also able to be written off on taxes, and after donating we will be mailing you a thank you letter and our organizations tax information. So please, whether it may be $1 or $100, any amount would help these kids and their families get the funding they need to be able to pay for these after school programs and helpers to live happier, healthier lives. Thank you ahead of time for your contributions and I hope you all will help families and kids in need!

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